Why You Should Consider Google Ads to Scale Your Business

Google Ads is an online advertising service developed by Google. It is a paid advertising medium where advertisers display brief advertisements, product listings, service offerings, and video content and generate mobile applications installed within the Google ad network for web users.

Google Ads has evolved into Google's main source of revenue, accounting for almost all of its parent company, Alphabet, 86.4 billion USD in 2020. In fact, Google Ads was responsible for 97% of Google's 160.7 billion USD in advertising revenues in 2019. While many people think of Google Ads as a way to advertise on Google.com, the reality is that Google Ads is so much more than that.

This guide will walk you through a comprehensive overview of Google Ads and everything you should know to get started with this powerful advertising tool. We'll cover topics like how to create your first ad, the benefits of Google Ads, and the advantages of using Google AdWords.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a platform for paid advertising that operates under the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing model, in which you, the advertiser, pay per click or impression (CPM) on an ad.

It is a successful technique to attract qualified visitors, or good-fit clients, to your company looking for the goods and services you provide. You may improve in-store traffic, increase phone calls to your business, and increase internet traffic using Google Ads.

With Google Ads, you can distribute strategic advertisements to your target market on desktop and mobile devices. As a result, when your target clients use Google Search to look for goods and services similar to yours, your company will appear on the search engine results page (SERP).

Why You Should Use Google Ads

In contrast to many other widely used marketing strategies in the internet world, advertising isn't free. You may create a brand, engage with influencers, and publish on social media without spending a dollar.

You may create fresh content and increase organic search traffic without ever using your credit card or incurring significant debt. You can make fresh YouTube videos for no cost and develop a highly engaged audience. However, advertising is always a pay-to-play, where money can be lost in days or weeks.

Look at the top three reasons why you should invest in Google ads.

#1. Google is the place to be, and it has a high average ROI

Almost every part of the online world is controlled by Google. It's nearly impossible to live a day without hearing (or saying), "just Google it," even when you're not online. Regarding the user base and enduring popularity, other search engines are incomparable to Google.

#2. It has diverse options that fit any business model

Google Ads is much more than a one-trick pony. With its wide range of features, every business in any industry can succeed.

Do you want to see text-based adverts in the Google search results? No issue. In a matter of seconds, search network adverts can be launched.

Want to display your nearby company on Google Maps? You may accomplish that with ease as well.

Are you skilled at producing videos that promote your company? Then, promote on YouTube with Google TrueView.

Campaigns can be run using the following:

  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Search results on Google
  • Maps
  • Affiliate websites
  • Mobile apps downloads
  • Phone call
  • And many more

You can entice customers who weren't first-time buyers with remarketing. For instance, you can quickly launch a new campaign targeting those particular users if they click on your ads but don't purchase or fill out a form.

#3. It produces quick sales with little work

With social media, you must start from scratch. There are no tweets, shares, likes, or followers.

Increasing your social media following and cultivating active, ongoing involvement is quite challenging. Unless you already have a large following or a well-known website, it might take months or even years to build social interaction.

SEO isn't a quick fix or some arbitrary growth hack, however. It takes months for this marketing strategy to bear results. You need to optimize your entire site, content, and everything else you do going forward. You are in a keyword competition with thousands of other companies. Your material must be of the highest quality, have a ton of shares and backlinks, and be updated frequently.

You can anticipate obvious outcomes in six months to a year only after you've done that. The majority of internet marketing strategies often take time to succeed. One notable exception, however, is pay-per-click advertising with Google Ads.

Intent and Google Ads

In essence, intent may be established by looking at keywords. For instance, if someone searches for "tv buying guidance," they are most likely not yet ready to purchase. Right.

That keyword suggests that they are looking to compare products rather than make a buy. However, "60-inch flat-screen smart tv" is a keyword with stronger intent, suggesting a prospect is near to making a purchase. That keyword demonstrates the user's diligence. They are aware of their goals.

Recent research also shows that high-intent keywords are typically generated by ad clicks rather than organic searches! Consequently, focusing your SEO strategy on keywords related to recent purchases will be ineffective.

For that, you require Google Ads.

You can find out which keywords will create almost immediate results using Google Ads' keyword bidding tool.

To accommodate the buyer's journey with SEO, you need to build a funnel. To move them down the funnel and "warm" them up for converting, you must strategically prepare your content, keywords, and lead magnets.

However, you can profit from searches already down in the funnel by using Google Ads.

For instance, a local plumber. You can bet that anyone looking for a plumber needs one right now. By placing your ad above your competitor on the search results, you can have their attention immediately and convince them to make a purchase.

That is Google Ads' and intent's power.


Google Ads is a powerful tool to help businesses reach a wide audience. However, setting up and managing a campaign can be challenging. For more information about Google Ads and how they can benefit your business, contact Digi Creators. We are ready to answer any of your questions.

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