Why Businesses In Melbourne Needs A Local Digital Marketing Agency

Why hire a local digital marketing agency in Melbourne?

Is your business located in Melbourne, Australia while your digital marketing company is based outside the city or rather halfway across the globe?

Your digital marketing agency might be somewhere in the cosmos as far as you're concerned. At the end of the day, distance is negligible in today's digital world.

Or isn't it?

We'll give you 7 reasons why you - a Melbourne local business should hire a local digital marketing agency in Melbourne.

Nevertheless, let's explore why you need a digital marketing agency, to begin with.

As a full-service Melbourne web marketing agency, Digicreators helps our clients in their web design and development, social media management and marketing, search engine marketing or PPC, search engine optimization or SEO, content marketing, email marketing, analytics, mobile marketing, eCommerce marketing, and IT services.

That's eleven specialized services in one agency. What's more, you don't need to deal with 11 companies to maintain your online presence. That's why hiring a digital marketing agency is a must.

It allows you to be flexible with your time and budget. And you can take advantage of the agency's professional team who have the know-how of digital resources, strategies, and, therefore, grow your business effectively and quickly.

This is a given, however, only by hiring the right fit - an experienced creative agency or a digital marketing agency with a good track record in providing positive return-on-investment to their clients like Digicreators. Last 2020, Digicreators helped 89 of their clients to increase their sales by 450%. That's 4.5x more of their clients' revenue, this means, if one of their clients is earning $500k annually, their ROI is $2.250m.

7 reasons to hire a local agency for digital marketing services in Melbourne.

Regardless of where your digital marketing agency is located, you should evaluate their performance. Working with a local agency, however, can bring a lot of advantages to you.

1. Peace of mind

That's right because your agency is in Melbourne, you can meet them anytime and at any location on short notice, whether in your office or theirs, or a coffee shop near you. Proximity brings peace of mind, and you'll never have the same level of peace of mind if you're working with an agency halfway across the planet.

2. Last-Minute Changes

Imagine if you want last-minute changes to your promotion and you have to notify your digital marketing agency to change all the digital marketing materials content but you can't do so because of the time difference? Working with a local digital marketing agency means you can meet or contact them to inform them of the changes on short notice.

3. Know-how of the Local Market

Digicreators has been operating and providing effective digital marketing services to our clients in the Melbourne area. It helped 500+ local businesses increased their sales by more than 200%. Having the know-how of the local market is one of many reasons why Digicreators was able to increase its clients' revenue.

4. Less Risk

Truth be told, offshore agencies are prone to make mistakes and can harm your reputation because they are less knowledgeable about the local regulations in Melbourne. You can't hold them accountable for whatever damage done to your reputation since they are from a different country.

5.  More Proactive and Personalized

If you're confident about an offshore agency due to its widespread reputation and its capability as a global agency, think about how many clients are they handling. Do you think they can provide you with personalized service? Can their employees be proactive when they are working for hundreds of clients worldwide? Their approach can't be more proactive and personalized than the professional digital marketing agency in Melbourne. That's the truth.

6. Cost-effective

There is a misconception that hiring a local agency is much more expensive compared to when you hire an offshore agency. Hiring an offshore digital marketing agency is a flip coin process. Does it say they were an internationally recognized agency somewhere in their profile? Will they get penalized if it isn't true? Of course, not.

Nobody knows the Melbourne market other than your local agencies. You are more likely to save money in the process when you hire a reliable digital marketing agency in Melbourne that is more professional and knows the local quirks.

7. They Can Help You Compete with Behemoths

Working with a local agency like Digicreators means you are in a better position to compete with behemoths that are also competing with you in terms of local presence.

A local digital marketing agency in Melbourne can develop solid strategies for your local target market, and maximize your potential to the highest.


It's easy to decide to hire a local digital marketing agency when you know your priorities and the advantages of hiring a local agency.

If you're looking for a local digital marketing agency in Melbourne - you are more than welcome to contact Digicreators to discuss your digital marketing needs.

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