3 Ways Hiring VAs in Melbourne Help Businesses

What To Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant in Melbourne

All those tedious and seemingly minor, yet significant tasks that business owners and managers have to do every day can quickly tire everyone. A leader can lose focus of developing the business in the right direction while keeping up with emails, sales calls, bookkeeping, and meetings. Over time, it gets harder and harder, and the tasks are piling up. In this situation, most leaders will get exhausted and feel like losing their grip on the situation.

Fortunately, in this digital age, everyone can easily hire ideal Virtual Assistants or VAs who have the right skills to work on tasks, ranging from administrative or secretarial to more technical jobs, and help business leaders save a lot of time, energy, and difficulties.

If you are a business owner or a manager and you are in a similar situation, then now is the best time to consider hiring a virtual assistant in Melbourne. As you hire a remote employee or VA in Melbourne, you'll get a new reliable member of the team, without worrying about the additional cost from the recruiting agency, sick pays, holiday pays, health insurance, maternity or paternity leave and pays, and new office equipment. You only need to pay for the hours you require.

Benefits of Hiring DigiCreators For VA Job

At Digicreators, we understand that growing a business can be time and energy-consuming, so leaders must delegate their tasks effectively. One of the best ways to achieve this is by hiring a reliable and experienced remote employee through either outsourcing portals or professional virtual assistant companies like Digicreators. By hiring a VA or Virtual Assistant, they can support your business in several ways.

  • Improve Your Website's Organic Rankings in Search Engines
  • Improve Your Online Reputation Through Social Media
  • Take Care of Your Mundane Tasks
Improve Your Website's Organic Rankings in Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps your website rank higher on search engines like Google, Apple Store, Google Store, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing. This way, you can reach your ideal customers in essential moments that matter.

SEO tactics are pointed at providing your business a better edge over your competitors, increasing leads, and conversions. This means more customers, revenue, and growth for your business.

By hiring an SEO Specialist VA, you can have a new full-time team member who has the experience and skills to support your company's SEO needs. An SEO Virtual Assistant will make sure to manage and implement solid SEO tactics mostly on the on-page and off-page optimization part of your website to increase its rankings in the organic search results page of Google, and other key search engines. Save up to $65,000 when you hire an SEO VA.

Improve Your Online Reputation Through Social Media

Improving your online reputation through social media can be one of the most time-consuming tasks, and as a leader, you are in no position to commit to this. You should focus on more important aspects of your business to grow.

By hiring a Social Media Specialist VA, you'll have a full-time remote employee who can craft posts, product placement, promotions, and other social media activities to keep your target audience informed and engaged. The VA will ensure to track your social media engagement, conduct market research on your products and services, and analyze your competitors' social media presence and initiatives to develop solid strategies to keep your edge over your competition on social media.

At the end of the day, the average salary of a Social Media Specialist in Australia is around $90,000 - that means you can save more than $70,000 if you hire a social media specialist VA. Hiring a virtual assistant in Melbourne can help you sustain a full-time employee without consuming a lot of your resources.

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Take Care of Your Mundane Tasks

If there is one similar thing between businesses is that there are never-ending emails, meetings, appointments, and phone calls. As a leader, you do your best to keep track of them to make sure you're not missing any opportunity that can grow your business.

Unfortunately, even as a leader - you can only do so much as an individual. These tasks are so time-consuming that even full-time employees can't keep track if they are not experienced and organized enough. So let alone you, as the core of the business, whose focus is on scaling your business.

This is where Virtual Assistant comes in. At Digicreators, we are strict with our hiring process to ensure our VAs can work to the highest standard and can work proactively. This means you don't have to micro-manage them to make sure they do their work properly. Our VAs are professional English speakers who have more than 5 years of administrative work experience.

This means they are efficient in administrative or secretarial tasks like responding to clients' emails, managing schedules, creating a list of deliverables, creating quotations, invoices, LPOs, and proposals. They can even conduct market research or pick up the phone and call your potential prospects to set up an appointment for you.

By hiring an administrative VA, you can save up to $45,000 annually. This alone is a big advantage for you. You are more than welcome to contact Digicreators to know more.

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