Mark Lester Gebauer

Mark Lester Gebauer - SEO consultant

Mark Lester Gebauer is a market researcher, writer, data interpretation expert, and brand and SEO consultant. He was a former employee at Search Engine Land and The Hoth - most successful Search engine marketing companies in the world. Over the years, he was able to help 50+ brands from Australia, UAE, UK, and the USA to establish online presence in relevant platforms and increase their revenue by more than 500% through SEM & SEO.


Creative Agency: Expectation vs. Reality

By Mark Lester Gebauer | October 12, 2021 | 0 Comments
What exactly is digital marketing, and why is it important in 2021

Creative Agency: Expectation vs. Reality The way we advertise our brand and services has changed over the last few years and along with it are the client’s expectations. Creative agencies all agree that clients have high expectations. And the results may not always be what they expect. As we have seen last year, digital marketing …

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