Everything You Need to Know About Web Design Agency

Did you know that at present, about 36% of businesses still have no website?
Not having a website is a huge opportunity lost for them. And this became more evident during the pandemic as more people went online to shop. Many of them are probably working on having one. That is where a web design agency comes in.
A web design company will have web designers who can help get your business online without hassle.
But before you start contracting one, you need to read this first.

Web Developers vs Web Designers: The Difference

The terms may have become interchangeable during casual conversations, but the web developer is different from a web developer.
The main difference between the two is their responsibilities. A web designer is responsible for the total look and feel of the website. It's their role to create and style the objects, graphics, and layout of the website. Along with any programmed elements for the users to interact.
Simply put, a web designer in Melbourne is responsible for the overall aesthetic appeal of the website. By using colours, space, and various graphic design principles, their goal is to catch the attention of the users.
Web developers, on the other hand, are responsible for programming or coding that will help the users to navigate the website from one page to another. In the context of a movie, the web developer is the director working behind the camera. They are always there but invisible to the audience.
If you ask which one is better to work with when creating a website. The answer is neither. You cannot have a good website without both.

What Goes Into an Effective Web Design?

Now that we are clear on the roles played by web designers and web developers to make a website that will knock your socks off, let's delve deeper into what a web design agency does.
Web design focuses more on the aesthetics of the website and its supporting pages. A web design agency will have a graphic designer or a team who will work on the color schemes, theme, branding, and all the appropriate content.
Using software like Photoshop, they will produce high-quality graphics while adhering to the basic principles of graphic design, including the following:

  • Alignment: It makes the website content more digestible because it creates a clear connection between the elements. As a result, you will have clean, uncluttered pages that are easy on the eyes.
  • Hierarchy: This principle refers to drawing attention to the more important aspects of the page using different style elements. For example, bold letters for a headline set it apart from the rest of the text.
  • Contrast: Using different colours, styles, or thicknesses, contrast attracts the attention of the user to the important elements.
  • Repetition: To establish a strong brand, web designers use repetitive elements that tie the elements together. However, you will not notice them as they are organized and consistent.
  • Proximity: By grouping the elements, web designers create a logically organized page.
  • Balance: There should be visual flow and stability in a website for a pleasant user experience.
  • Colour: It not only sets the mood for the user, but colors are also responsible for tying all the elements in the web together.
  • Space: This principle is vital because it can help highlight the important information on the web page, but also eliminate distractions.
How to Choose a Web Design Agency

If you are looking to overhaul your website or want a new website, you are probably wondering how to choose your web design agency. While there are many agencies to choose from, you should make the right choice. After all, this company will be responsible for the design and development of your site which should make a great first impression.
Here are four tips that could help you choose the web design agency to work with:

  1.   Make a list of the needs and goals of your website

Before you set off on shopping around for a web design firm, you should have an idea of what you need and want for your website. That includes the features that must be there to achieve your business goal. You are creating an extension of your business - not just something pretty for your visitors.

      2.   Search for potential candidates and read their reviews

When you’ve got your list ready, you should start looking for a qualified web design agency as your partner. You can look for local or national firms whom you can collaborate with. Even if you are going local, make sure that you can check their experience, services, portfolios, and other elements that are vital for your decision.

      3.   Review the agency’s experience, portfolio, culture, and others

We consider the first three as important elements when looking for a perfect web design partner. It will give you an insight into how your project will be handled, whether it will meet your objectives and standards and if they are a good fit for what you have in mind.

      4.   Testimonials and Reviews

Aside from their portfolio, client reviews and testimonies are vital in giving you an insight into web design agencies. It will show how happy the clients are with their websites, their customer service, and the experience as a whole.


Now that you know what a website agency does and how to choose one, it’s time to get the ball rolling. If you are building a new one or relaunching the one you have right now, check out our work at Digi Creators AU. we have an extensive portfolio of past work, a team of young blood who has a passion for design, and a reputable management team to handle your project,

To find out more and how we can start, contact us today!

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