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What exactly is digital marketing, and why is it important in 2021

Creative Agency: Expectation vs. Reality

What exactly is digital marketing, and why is it important in 2021

The way we advertise our brand and services has changed over the last few years and along with it are the client’s expectations. Creative agencies all agree that clients have high expectations. And the results may not always be what they expect.

As we have seen last year, digital marketing has brought many opportunities for creative agencies. The unbelievable growth of social media platforms and innovative lead generation strategies has made brand awareness easier than ever. However, marketers also know that behind these advantages are drawbacks, including the client’s expectations that don’t equate to reality. Let us go over these expectations vs. reality scenarios.

Expectation: Small Investment, Big Result

Many clients believe that spending a little on their digital marketing campaign will have large results. Meaning, they expect a creative agency to create something that will go viral with a small spend.

Reality: Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that they have to spend money to get money, and the same is true for marketing, whether traditional or digital. Although digital marketing is cheaper than paying for an ad on a newspaper or TV, it is not free. Some businesses put a small investment in their marketing strategies and expect great results. Only to be disappointed when these results are not as good as they expected them to be

digital marketing importance

Expectation: Set it, and forget it

Reality: Nothing is constant in digital marketing. It is evolving and your strategies need constant recalibration. Since business goals are agile, the strategies should be aligned too while sticking to the best practices. Social media campaigns, for example, need constant monitoring and take advantage of the opportunities.

Expectation: Let the content do the work

Reality: Creating good content is only the first step. It should be published on the right platform with the target audience at the right time. It should have a specific goal like educating the readers or being an authority in the industry. For the content to drive leads, it needs to focus on the current needs and problems while not being too salesy.

Expectation: Posting the same messages across all platforms attract the target audience

Reality: Publishing content is not enough. The digital marketing team should understand their audience and what specific social media platforms these audiences inhabit to better position the brand. Different social media platforms have different demographics and it can be difficult to generate leads if you are posting the same for all platforms.

Expectation: Creative marketing is only for big businesses

Reality: While it’s true that big companies are the first to realize the potential of digital marketing, many small businesses pulled away from the pack because they became successful online. Creative marketing is for everyone: big, small, or start-ups. Businesses should be online as more than half of the customers are there. Wherever the customers are, the creative agency has a role to play.


In marketing, there is a thin line that separates expectations from reality. Both the digital marketing agency and the client should understand this and be on the same page. As a client, you should be realistic about your goals and what it takes to achieve them. If you're not, then you are bound to get disappointed if the results seem lacking.

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What exactly is digital marketing, and why is it important in 2021

What exactly is digital marketing, and why is it important in 2021?

Marketing using digital platforms including search engines, websites, social media, and mobile applications is known as digital marketing. Digital marketing uses online media platforms to promote products, services, and brands. Consumption research is largely done digitally. For example, Think with Google marketing insights showed that 48% of customers start their searches on search engines, 33% on brand websites, and 26% on mobile apps.

digital marketing importanceWhile current web design Melbourne firm is an extensive system of channels to which marketers must subscribe, online advertising is far more difficult. To fully use the power of digital marketing agency, marketers must delve into today's complex cross-channel landscape to uncover effective engagement marketing tactics. A meaningful contact with a potential or returning consumer is achieved through engagement marketing. When clients are ready to buy, engaging them digitally builds brand recognition, establishes you as an industry thought leader, and puts your business front and center.

Marketers may gain important insights on target audience habits while also introducing new ways to engage customers. Companies might also expect better retention. Invesp found that effective omnichannel customer interaction strategies retain 89 percent of consumers whereas poor omnichannel programs only retain 33 percent.

Consumers may anticipate seeing a rise in the number of wearable gadgets accessible in the future of a digital marketing agency. According to Forbes, B2B social media will become more conversational, video material will be improved for SEO, and email marketing will become more customized.

Common digital marketing issues

Digital is required to optimize marketing campaigns. A digital marketing agency may help you discover more about your audience, gather data about them, and offer analytics for your marketing team.

I don't know my audience well enough to begin.

Getting to know your audience takes time, and while your marketing team may have created useful target profiles, online users may not behave as expected. You'll need to test various wording with different targets, keeping in mind who the target is and where they are in the purchasing cycle. Attune yourself to your audience to develop credibility and stand out from the crowd.

Not optimized my channels for SEO.

Regardless of your role in the marketing process, understanding SEO best practices is critical. Apart from boosting your search engine position, SEO may help you offer high-quality content that your potential consumers demand.

I lack a social media plan.

Whether you want to build an organic social media plan, a sponsored social media strategy, or a hybrid of the two, social media marketing is critical. Social media is great for branding and engagement, but it can also be used for a digital marketing agency. Find a specialty and a consistent voice, be patient, and your advertising' effect will grow as your following grows.

My marketing groups are isolated.

To develop agile, flexible structures, silos must be broken. Your clients aren't waiting for advertisements in one channel, therefore your marketing efforts must be cross-channel with teams that have diverse skill sets. Because each social network and medium has its own audience and expectations, marketing efforts will vary. Tone, images, offers, and even posting time are all factors.

My CMO expects me to report on KPIs that help the bottom line.

A web design Melbourne firm offers a wide range of indicators that may be used to measure marketing success, but they should be picked with caution. Each situation will rely on your audience and channel emphasis. With this in mind, create goals for each channel and KPIs your CMO will care about.

Bottom line

Digital marketing should be a key component of almost any company's overall marketing strategy. Never before has it been possible to maintain such continuous touch with your consumers, and nothing else can give the kind of customization that digital data does. The more you embrace digital marketing's prospects, the more you'll be able to achieve your company's development potential.

Which Digital Marketing Service Is the Best Fit for Me?

Which Digital Marketing Agency Service Is the Best Fit for Me?

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is no easy task. Because in-house marketing is difficult to maintain, many firms prefer a digital marketing agency. With so many new marketing strategies emerging daily, it may be difficult for busy businesses to keep up with the newest trends, find out the best ways to leverage multiple platforms, and essentially become “jacks of all trades” in digital marketing. So hiring someone else to do it for you might be really beneficial.

Follow these 7 steps to choose the best digital marketing agency for you:



When you start looking for the finest web design services firm, you should be prepared and ask yourself certain questions, such as what you want to achieve with an agency and how much money you are ready to pay to get there. Instead of wasting your important time and money, understanding precisely what you want can help you locate and narrow down exactly what you want.

Once you've established your company's needs – whether it's expanding your company's online presence or revamping your brand - you're ready to begin actively searching for the finest web design Auckland for you.


You may be wondering, "How can I choose the best agency for me?" To begin, evaluate the packages that a firm is offering - do they align with what you want your organization to achieve? This is a crucial issue to consider because if their marketing approach isn't what you're looking for, the agency isn't 'The One,' regardless of how much you like it.

Cost is also an important issue to consider. Remember, it's not worth it to spend an arm and a leg on a digital marketing package that isn't tailored to your specific demands.


Before you proceed with the process, it is critical that you conduct extensive background research on the web design services firms you are considering. Do they put their words into action? The key approach to determine whether an agency is suitable for you is to look at the outcomes they've achieved.

For example, if you want to hire a content marketing agency, how do they manage their own blog? If you're considering employing them for social media, consider how they manage their own social media – is it successful? The same is true for SEO; how do they rank in search phrases relevant to their industry? Did you discover them on Google's first page? They may not be able to achieve what they promise or provide the services they provide if they do not "practice what they preach."

Furthermore, referrals are an excellent approach to determine whether a digital marketing agency is the finest. Inquire with your friends and relatives to see if they have someone in mind, or if any friends-of-friends are aware of anything. Consider asking your professional network on LinkedIn, since there may be an acquaintance in your sector who has a special recommendation for you.


You might be wondering, "What should I ask a digital marketing agency?" You'll certainly have a hundred and one questions, but it's vital to make sure you're asking the correct ones.


Once you've narrowed down a list of digital marketing companies that you'd want to work with, contact the company to convey your interest.

The next step is to send a ‘request for proposal' (RFP) to a chosen few companies to assist you in deciding on the finest digital marketing agency. A request for proposal (RFP) allows you to gather information from numerous firms and pick the one that best matches your requirements, both in terms of competence and budget. This should help you choose which firm is ideal for your company and which digital marketing contract you should sign.


If you're tired of reading testimonials and reviews and want to see what the firm can do for you, consider asking them to do work for your company. This helps you to learn about their capabilities and whether their clients' outcomes are consistently good, as they may claim on their website.

Request that they produce a digital PR campaign or a content marketing piece for your company, as well as prepare some ideas to propose to you. The finest concept will then be implemented by the digital marketing agency, and you will wait for the results. This might take the shape of press publicity (links) or high post ranks (although this will take longer).

Bottom line

If you've been pleased with everyone thus far, it's time to meet with the digital marketing agency. This is a wonderful time to get to know the team and iron out any concerns before signing any contracts.

It is at this point that any personality clashes emerge, which may be damaging to your company's development. It's known as "the beer test," and it's frequently used as a recruiting tactic - would you take them out for a pint at your local pub, or would you run a mile the other way? The response to this question says a lot.

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