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In its effort to stay relevant and competitive in the age of the internet, an established tax services company in New Zealand has gone digital. After more than a decade of working with both individuals and businesses of any size, learn how online presence paved the way for this traditional business to thrive in this digital age.

Smart Numbers Biz is an accounting and tax services company owned and managed by Craig Wallace, a trusted financial advisor and business accountant in Auckland, New Zealand. The company offers services ranging from accounting, auditing, financial and business advisory, lending application support, tax preparation, rental property tax, and cash flow forecasting.

Craig Wallace has been an expert in the industry, providing accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses for over thirty years. He founded Smart Numbers LTD back in 2008, during the Global Economic Crisis. This was around the same time when he was inundated with requests for financial advice from entrepreneurs struggling to navigate business in the middle of a crisis.



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Just like any other traditional company, Smart Numbers Biz has been affected by technology and digitization. The modern era has changed not only the marketing dynamics, but also the consumer behavior. And to be able to keep up with the trends and the tech-savvy customers, it is only imperative for businesses to align and make the necessary shift.

While Craig Wallace knew it would mean a lot of work, he boldly took this challenge as an opportunity to finally transition from traditional to digital. And as the company geared up to a digital approach, he sought the expertise of Digicreators.


The primary goal of Smart Numbers Biz is to build an online presence and identity to help expand customer reach.

To align with the company’s goal, Digicreators did an assessment to evaluate and understand the needs of the business to better achieve the desired results. Our team of experts discovered that Smart Numbers Biz is lacking a crucial element of digital marketing—a company website.

Digicreators designed and developed a mobile-friendly and SEO optimized website uniquely tailored to Smart Numbers’ business objectives. We provided hosting, did keyword research, on-page optimization, copywriting, and installed google analytics to track web traffic.

As a result, Smart Numbers Biz already has a digital footprint and online visibility through its SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly website created by Digicreators. And to further help the business generate revenue, Digicreators also designed and implemented a sales funnel with proper call to action to maximize conversion through the website.



For the longest time, I have been hesitant to do business over the internet, but Digicreators made me realize that having a strong digital footprint is essential for a company to succeed in today’s world. They didn’t just build a website for Smart Numbers Biz; they opened a virtual door making us just one click away from the clients. Through their SEO efforts, they were able to provide an effective and inexpensive way to drive traffic to our website. It has been a pleasure having Digicreators on board. I couldn’t imagine working with a different team throughout this transition. Truly, this has got to be my smartest move for Smart Numbers.

–Craig Wallace

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