From an SEO client seeking aid in website optimization and improved rankings, a cleaning company giant grasped that digital marketing goes beyond a good website and search engine ranks. Find out how one of our pioneering clients take their digital efforts up a notch through combined branding, Search Engine Optimization, social media, and content marketing.


Premium Clean had Digicreators on board back in 2016. At the beginning of the assessment, the team found out that one of the major problems was the company’s existing website. Aside from the fact that the design was outdated, the site was getting enough traffic but conversion remained low—meaning there was no user interaction and visitors don’t actually go through the funnel. 


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Since the website serves as the most essential platform and the most powerful tool that sustains the company, Digicreators started making changes on the site.

Our SEO experts also worked together to do keyword research, on-page optimization, wrote more relevant content, and added analytical goal set up for consistent tracking of leads.

Meanwhile, to improve the website’s interface, our team of web designers gave it a modern look and feel to make it more visually attractive for visitors and customers. The team also made sure to maintain branding in every aspect—colors, fonts, elements—to further develop brand identity and recall. Building a modern website is an important step for any business, since it gives you the tools you need to generate traffic and convert visitors. Overall, the redesigned website is built with improved user experience: attractive, accessible, easy-to-navigate, and efficient.

After the website redesign project, Premium Clean decided to upscale their social media and content marketing also with the help of Digicreators. To enhance brand awareness as well as brand recall, the team focused on creating relevant and engaging social media content. The goal wasn’t just to increase vanity numbers across platforms but to actually drive traffic to the website and start generating qualified leads.

  • Website Design Service
    Website Development

    From an old school site, Digi Creators designed and developed a site with the goal of providing the best "User Experience" and SEO-ready. We regularly check the "Site Speed" to make sure that it's fast enough for the users.

  • SEO Service
    Search Engine Optimization

    We started with comprehensive keyword research that ends up with 100+ targetted keywords. We managed to rank 80% of those target keywords in search engines. The results of our SEO have increased the brand's traffic and revenue. 

  • Content Marketing Service

    In support of SEO and Website Development, our copywriters crafted original content that speaks the brand's message and also services. 

  • Social Media Service
    Social Media

    Our social media strategist and team proactively craft and publish engaging content, thus, increased Premium Clean's social presence. 

  • Adwords
    Google Adwords

    A well-researched and well-planned Adwords campaign was implemented for Premium Clean. The results were good and beneficial to the brand. 

Portfolio : Premium Clean

If you check, you’ll see that the website is not just aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, it is more interactive, user-friendly, and optimized for conversions that help increase the revenue of the business. You can also head on to Premium Clean’s official social media pages to check out all the fresh content regularly posted and updated by our team.

  • Responsive
  • Fast Loading
  • Use Friendly
  • SEO Ready
Keywords Ranking

With a total of 145 keywords, we managed to rank 95 of them on the first page of search results.

Position Keywords Position Keywords
#1 9 #6 2
#2 54 #7 1
#3 10 #8 1
#4 4 #9-#10 7
#5 8 <#10 48
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